Race and Location

Idoia Solano and Covadonga Solares

April 23, 2017

IDOIA: I’ve always been inspired to travel; to meet new people, places and cultures. After visiting several countries all across Europe, my continent, I decided to take it a step further, pack all my stuff and begin what has...

Double issue 2017

Robin Bridges and Jacklyn Nowotnik

April 23, 2017

Bienvenido a todos, Welcome everyone! This edition of Que Ondee Sola is a double issue that is very near and dear to us. It is dedicated to our Afro-Latino community and to Latinas. QOS has historically honored African-American histor...

Alfredo Miranda

Alfredo Miranda, Artist

March 23, 2017

Alfredo Miranda The image used on the cover was made using chalk pastel and cotton swabs. “I wanted to convey the origin of humanity, which is Africa. All we have to do is look within ourselves to draw this out. Once we have under...