The Power to ‘open borders’


Sara Galvan Orozco | ‘open borders’ | cut paper | 11 in x 8.5 in | 2018

María Vazquez, Co-Managing Editor

Excitement, that is what artist Sara Galvan Orozco felt when her art piece, Open Borders, was displayed at the Bridgeport Art Center. Sara has always been opened to talk about immigration and finds ways to get others to think about it as well— she did not fail to do this with her art piece. Taking one look at it, we can immediately observe that the artist is tackling the issue of the border that separates Mexico and the United States. The art piece consists of a hand that is bigger than the border and is lifting it up, forming a path with footprints engraved. A path that a lot of people coming into the United States take, in search of a better future. When asked what this piece represented to her she answered, “it represents how I feel towards the border. I just want to pick it up. When you stand by the border, it intimidates you because it looks like a huge wall that you can’t climb,” jokingly she says, “well some people could climb it,” she continues, “but in the piece, the hand looks more powerful than the border”.

Most of us have heard the stories of people crossing the border, or have lived it. It is a devastating experience, not knowing if you will survive, not knowing if you will see those you love, again— it is the unknown. In her art piece, Sara includes a caution sign that has a family crossing, which she mentions is actually located in different parts of the border states to let those driving by that there are families crossing. It makes you think about all the families that attempt to cross in hopes of staying together all the way. Her art piece is truly captivating and thought-provoking. However, the one thing Sara really wants people to take away from her art piece is that “there is a lot of power within ourselves” enough to bring awareness and create a change.