The Little Steps of a Big Shadow

Brisa Becerril

Jacklyn Nowotnik, Editor in Chief

To me, you are the most perfect person

But even with your imperfections, you’re still the best version

Of the someone I look like but strive to be more like

Everything about you is more wiser, more quicker

And try as I may, I have to consider

All the experiences you had along the way, the good with the bad,

I have to consider all that paths you’ve taken and memorized

Not just in getting back home but even the shortcuts you’ve improvised in your cooking

Your tongue doesn’t speak in two, but your mannerisms speak differently of you

Your hair is dark, your eyes are brown, your skin is just a few shades darker than mine

And your very being reminds me just how proud I am of our bloodline

Not just historically but genetically

Cause let’s be honest and cheesy, I wouldn’t exist

When I think that one day I won’t be able to hear your laugh or see how your face curves into such a beautiful smile

I’m overcome with sadness for awhile

It’s thought I try not to think of, but I repeat and repeat…

Over in my head so that I remember to appreciate you instead

I do my best to not fault you for your faults or get frustrated with your tone

But I laugh when I look in the mirror because I see your clone, or twin

I see the same facial shadows and the same grin

We’re two in the same which probably makes sense why we bicker so often

We’re not so uncommon

To the woman that stands just a few inches shorter than me, you cast the tallest shadow I’ve even seen