If I were a history teacher

Bianca Corral and Andrew Neftalí Pérez


I’d teach them about our culture

About the struggles we’ve been through

How people look down

And put down

But we, like to get down

Tenemos baile y comida and a million different words for simple shit like vida

y tiempo


You push your way in

Create based on your own agenda

You water down our cultures

Make our Azúcar taste like Splenda


We’re raising money to help inner-city kids

They’ve put together a performance,

Would you like to see what they did?

Fuck your

Dance for me

Sing for me

In spanish

In spanish

In spanish



Esto aquí no es mi idioma

It’s the language of conquistadores

You came, you saw, you conquered


Made paletas and piraguas gourmet

Didn’t care that little Eduardo in homeroom 201 and his dad live day to day

Selling those paletas, paycheck to paycheck

Charging $2.50, trying to make rent

You price them $4.80, slap on organic labels and think you’ve got every right to sit at this table


You don’t have to like what I’m saying

Si quieres, cubrete los oidos pa’ que no me escuches

So, it doesn’t matter if I talk like this

Ó si hablo así

Since half of you still won’t try and understand me

Imagine if I still spoke in my native tongue


Taíno: La lengua de

Puerto Rico,


La Isla de Encanto



Now a commonwealth of the U.S because it’s common for us to steal wealth

When we infiltrate and instate people with OUR motives in mind

Leaving their BORICUA PEOPLE behind

Paying off soldiers to keep their mouths SHUT

About the people they silence and keep unfairly locked up

Can’t even wave our flag with pride

In fear we’ll end up like our brothers who’ve died

Trying to raise their people up from the ground

Freedom is not for everyone that’s what we’ve found


Nahuatl: the language of Mexico

We are far more than Cancún and those elitist resorts

Yet somehow you still feel like you need to build a fort

To keep yourself safe from people you robbed

Built a railroad but made us do the job

Take our piñas and fresas

And tell us it’s good for us

You’re helping us

You care for us


But God, No!

Diosito lindo, forbid

If one parent heard me, they wouldn’t let me teach their kid

“Our real history is too much for sixth grade”

Don’t let them find out the mistakes this country made

Far more worried about profit and secrecy

Killing off kids that look like

Her and me

But it’s okay, it’s two degrees removed

Once we build a wall,

It’ll no longer be in the news

Because we live in America

“Land of the Free”

Where you’re “free” to be who you want to be

Just not

Too dark

Too foreign

Too ghetto

Too much

Just different enough to be entertaining

That’s when y’all give a fuck