Janet Garcia, Contributing Writer

You are the plant of life, the plant of empowering,

You are the rose that has been blossoming,

A woman you ARE,

You are the star,

That’s equivalent to a never ending reach,

You are as sweet as a peach, yet tough as the skin that keeps a pineapple fresh,

You are Chicana, Americana,

A cactus who manages to live in the desert,

I see the effort, the face that speaks thousands of pains, thousands of triumphs,

You are Chicana, a mixture of fighting against deportation, colonization, assimilation,

Your ancestors would be proud, for you are Chicana,

I hear it out loud. Chicana!

You are not just a heavy accent, but a bloodline of hungry descent,

You are Chicana!

Fierce with your head up high, Chicana till the day that you die,

Chicana a woman who is called a gringa in Mexico, but a Mexican bean in the USA,

Chicana I am.