Alfredo Miranda

Alfredo Miranda, Artist

Alfredo Miranda
The image used on the cover was made using chalk pastel and cotton swabs.

“I wanted to convey the origin of humanity, which is Africa. All we have to do is look within ourselves to draw this out. Once we have understood this then perhaps humanity can attain great feats of marvelous achievements as one and look beyond the superficial,” said Alfredo Miranda.

My work is always adapting to fit what I want to convey and with time my views and ideas change. I primarily work with dry mediums such as graphite, pens, and markers. I also use a wide range of other mediums to bring forth results that cannot be achieved by a single medium. I use these mediums because of the overall quality and detail they allow me to render. My work is primarily composed in two dimensions.  My art showcases scenes, a story that I envision and what transpired in my past and present. What permeates throughout my work are portraits and human figures. I incorporate many living objects as well as inanimate objects. From these subjects, I draw a narrative at times it’s straight forward but for the most part the meaning must be deciphered. The meaning must be observed through the works in the series and how they weave together an overall meaning to the series.

Many of my works are the result of an extensive search for imagery that I have accumulated throughout the years. I organize them and take parts from them that I could integrate into my work. This would include the color schemes and the positioning of subjects. I also use the images for references for certain objects such as people, wildlife, landscapes. Alongside this I include my own imagery with those from the web to bring forth a concept that connects with me and what I envision. Imagery plays a very important part in my work, it must resound with me and with my audience. What I want the audience to draw from my work is a glimpse into my internal world and external world alongside my vision and interpretation of it.

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